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Nepal–The High Mountain Country has captivated the imagination of trekkers, mountaineers, cultural explorers and all manner of foreign visitors since it first opened its doors in the 1950s.

This extraordinary country contains some of the most breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery in the World, ranging from lush, terraced farmland and rice paddies, the torrential white water rivers, subtropical forest and sweltering valleys, to arid, windswept high-altitude plains, remote mountain passes and the summits of the highest peaks on earth.

Home to cultures and religions that have shaped the philosophical outlook of the civilized world for thousands of years, Nepal is paradise for adventurous travelers and a visit is both a scenic revelation and an education in itself.


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    Dolpo Special Trip (21-days)

    The mystique of remote upper Dolpo of Nepal, a paradise of Himalayan region, closed to foreigners for decades and still culturally and economically Tibetan, has been enhanced by Matheissen's 'The Snow Leopard', David Snellgrove's 'Himalayan Pilgrimage' and George Schaller's 'Stones of Silence' among many other travel accounts. Legend has it that the ubiquitous Guru Rimpoche, who spread Tibetan Buddhism throughout the Himalayas, discovered this hidden land, a 'beyul' or refuge, over 1700 years ago, and it has been inhabited by Tibetan nomads, called drokpas, for over a thousand years.


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    Mt. Everest Flight Tour
    The Best Mountain Flight in the World

    Mt. Everest Flight  is one of the best mountain flights in the world. People dream of being near Mt. Everest some time in their life and the dream will come true if they choose the easiest and fastest way to trek: by flight over and around the top of the world including, of-course, Mt. Everest, the target of this flight trip. This one-hour in-flight guided tour highlights the center and eastern Nepal Himalayan ranges, and will be one of the most pleasant events in your…Read More

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    Himalayan Helicopter Sightseeing


    Nepal has some of the most fascinating landscapes and high Himalayan mountain ranges including Mt. Everest and many other highest peaks over 8000 meters. The breaktaking scenery of these high Himalayan ranges and mountain valleys can be observed by a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour. We organize Helicopter tours to many places in Nepal as per your time and interest.


    Besides the tours, we organize Helicopter Rescue services for trekkers and mountain climbers for immergency and other cases.


    For more information, Please contact us in advance.


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    Mustang Trip (19-days)

    Mustang – at the head of the Kali Gandaki River, north of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalaya, lies one of the most culturally interesting and scenically dramatic region in Nepal.

    This is one of the very popular trekking regions in Nepal. The Home Ministry of Nepal announced the Opening of the restricted areas in October 1991. There is also strict control in obtaining a special permit from the Department of Immigration to protect their tradition from outside influence as well as to protect the environment. According to government rule, only organized trekking groups are allowed to trek in…Read More

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